from the earth, for the self.

Klei is a line of sustainably crafted self-care products featuring natural ingredients, each thoughtfully chosen for its specific skin-nourishing qualities. The small-batch products center on providing luxurious, concentrated skin care, while producing minimal environmental waste. The full plant-based line is paraben-free, cruelty-free and currently includes a nourishing and revitalizing array of masks, scrubs, oils, steams and soaks to compliment all skin types. The products feature botanical ingredients, like papaya, chamomile and aloe vera, to leave skin feeling pampered, refreshed and enriched.

The catalyst for Brooklyn-based Klei’s inception began when founder, Valerie Smith, was working in the fashion industry and was overwhelmed with the amount of waste. This frustration, combined with her long-standing love for crafting natural skin and body care products for her loved ones, ultimately led to the development of the earth-friendly, efficacious self-care line, Klei.

Klei is committed to delivering effective self-care skin solutions featuring sustainably sourced ingredients and eco-friendly product packaging, while working to offset carbon emissions. All ingredients found in Klei products are food grade quality and entirely biodegradable, making them not only nourishing for the skin, but for the earth, too.